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If you seek, you shall find and if you desire light just ask..

Why Become a Mason

  • Tradition
  • Self-Improvement
  • Sense of Self Accomplishment
  • Fellowship
  • A break away from the Workday Routine

The qualities we look for in a Mason:

  • Be man free born at least 18 years of age
  • Believe in a Supreme Being
  • Possess the ability to earn a livelihood and be able to pay fees from his own funds
  • Be of mental worth and have a record of a moral and upright life
  • Have resided in the state of Oregon for a minimum of 6 months

The pathway to becoming a Brother….

  • Contact a Lodge and ask; you will be interviewed and be given a petition for membership.
  • Once the petition is complete; return  the petition with the proper fees. It will then be read in Lodge and voted on ; if accepted  you will be assigned a investigating committee to assess your character.
  • Once your investigation is complete and the investigating committee has returned  it’s findings your petition then will be presented to the Lodge for ballot.
  • If your petition is accepted; you then will be notified when and where to appear to receive the first of the thee degrees of Freemasonry

I am ready to take that first step; please contact us: membership@eastlinnlodge44.org

725 S. Second Street
Lebanon, Or 97355